Product Development

So much more than mathematics and tech

In the realm of product development, our cross-functional teams offer advice and support you with practical solutions to enhance your business through the smart use of digitalization. Simply employing the latest technologies is not enough, the key to adding value to you and your stakeholders is how you strategically apply them.

As digitalization shapes the future of product development, you must understand its impact on your business models, services, and products. Our role is to help make this transition seamless, and our comprehensive suite of services – from the initial concept to final production – ensures that your journey towards digital transformation is strategically sound, cost-effective and efficient.

Our approach is collaborative and flexible. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our teams are skilled in agile methodologies and can work virtually, which means we can adapt quickly to your changing needs while optimizing resource use.

Our Development Centres

We work to understand the importance of balancing technological advancement with your strategic and practical business needs. Our teams are there to support your growth with solutions that are sustainable, profitable, and tailored to your unique challenges.

At the Combitech Product and Calculation Center our teams of skilled engineers have unique experience from the automotive and aviation industries, including NEVS (formerly Saab Automobile) and Gripen. They offer support from concept to industrialization, are specialists in virtual product development, and can provide manufacturing support through our network of partners.

Our DevOps Development Center is home to over 300 former Ericsson engineers with substantial expertise in software development and embedded systems, from 5G to IoT. We offer entire DevOps teams with a documented ability to develop, test and release software quickly and efficiently.

Our Saab India Technology Centre offers specialized, cost-effective solutions in mechanical design, calculations, software, and technical documentation, ensuring quality and security. This center works in close coordination with our Swedish engineers, reflecting our global yet integrated approach.

Secure Product Lifecycle

Securing the entire lifecycle and ensuring resilience against vulnerabilities both before deployment and during operation is vital in any product strategy. By elevating security awareness and integrating expert-backed security activities into your development processes, you are better equipped for a more security-oriented mindset and methodology in your organization.

Our Awareness and Education Program combine targeted education with practical application, tailored to your team's knowledge level. We empower you to build robust security frameworks and architectures, enhancing your ability to develop securely. Our method involves comprehensive security practices, from risk and threat analysis to security evaluation, testing, and vulnerability management.

It is not just about securing your products; it is about embracing a proactive security mindset in every part of your development and operational lifecycle.

Product Safety

Navigating the complex landscape of product safety is a crucial aspect of modern system design, one that demands adherence to laws and regulations while minimizing risk. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of safety for your products, aligning with your mission to protect and serve your customers effectively.

Our approach to product safety is not just about compliance; it's about creating technical systems that safeguard the well-being of users and their environment.

Working with us, you get access to valuable cross-sector insights and experience, aligned with relevant legal requirements, directives, and specifications.

We take great care in facilitating collaboration with our specialists across multiple disciplines, ensuring a holistic view of safety and commit to ensure you get comprehensive and adaptable safety solutions.

Product Information

Your product information is a strategic asset, unlocking new efficiencies, opportunities, and strengthening relationships. It is not just about technology; it is about your interaction with, and value-add to, your stakeholders.

Operating holistically, we integrate all your information sources, optimizing information flow, enhancing automation, and simplifying user experience. This is key when managing after-sales services and customer engagement.

Applying relevant tools and methodologies, we reshape your information supply in alignment with your aftermarket strategy and architecture, develop and manage information and logistics, operate system solutions, and implement effective work practices – increasing your data-driven agility.

Our tools, Uptime and Rodon, play a crucial role in ensuring accurate, timely, and accessible information. Together we leverage your product information strategically to enhance your competitiveness and customer-centric approach.

Mechanical Design

In industry, sophistication in mechanical design is paramount. It is about understanding the complexities and evolving demands of modern products – integrating robust electronics, advanced functions, always prioritizing user experience.


Our comprehensive methodology spans the entire product lifecycle, from concept to final phase-out, including critical aspects like purchasing, quality, user benefit, ergonomics, and cost, ensuring that development is efficient and adds real value to your end customers.


We leverage virtual simulations across all stages of product development, employing the latest methods and tools for a model-based approach. This integration of product and production information with 3D modelling enables effective visualization and accuracy from the outset.


Our consultancy services are tailored to your specific industrial needs, offering flexibility in engagement – whether through on-site consultants, package assignments, or volume solutions. Together, we strengthen precision, efficiency, and innovation to your product development journey.

Testing and Verification

With increased complexity and software integration comes the need for effective and automated testing and verification, at the earliest stage possible. Our teams have a deep-rooted understanding of industry-specific legal requirements and standards, having managed testing for several complex, security-critical projects.

We support with designing customized testing environments, developing automated testing systems for continuous integration, and implementing robust systems for embedded systems testing, as well as visualizing test results and product performance.

Through collaboration on test management, on-site coaching, and strategy, while including you in unique training and testing networks, you will gain and exchange valuable experiences and insights. Our subject-matter experts help you ensure compliance and functionality and enhance the efficiency and reliability of your development processes, helping you navigate the complexities of modern testing.

Simulation and Technical Calculations

Validating properties, optimizing solutions, and enhancing understanding of your products´ behaviour is key to product development. With expertise from multiple sectors, we have a deep, experience-based understanding of requirement setting, product properties, and customer expectations – enabling us effectively address the complexities of your products.

We help you with business development and training in virtual product verification, creating "Digital Twins", working on commercial software for finite element analysis (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and discrete element method (DEM).

Our operations in Hyderabad, India, provide you with access to cost-effective and high-quality simulations, and our "CAE On Demand" ensures the right expertise at the right time, enabling you to meet your project goals with precision and efficiency. Together, we will change how you see simulation-driven product development.

Embedded Electronics and Software

In high-stakes environments where precision is non-negotiable, such as in the cockpit of the Gripen fighter jet, the reliability of embedded electronics and software is critical.


Teaming with our experienced and creative development teams, trained at quickly understanding new assignments and transforming needs into solutions, you get comprehensive support throughout your system development processes.


Efficient development environments and toolchains, coupled with our specialist expertise in areas like Open Source, Model-Based Systems Engineering, security, and DevOps, further add value to your projects.


Our specialists can also support your organization with expertise enhancement or add capacity during peak periods, and we are committed to delivering uncompromising quality and reliability in your embedded electronics and software.

Microwave Technology

Microwave competence and technology are important elements in the transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable processes. With over 30 years of experience, including developing Whirlpool's microwave products, our engineers have been leading the way in microwave heating technology.

Microwave technology has the unique ability to penetrate most materials, enabling volumetric heating rather than just surface heating, and our teams have wide experience in replacing fossil fuels with electric-based heating processes, significantly increasing efficiency.

Our strength lies in successfully implementing microwave heating in an efficient and safe manner, a strategic move towards more sustainable industrial processes – helping you achieve a significant leap in performance and sustainability.

PLM/CAD System Development, Management, and Support

Covering the entire spectrum of services, from system and application development to operations and user support, our experts provide a comprehensive approach to PLM/CAD systems.

We offer support to multiple tools and have successfully led and coordinated several projects in methodology and system development, project management, and business coordination, particularly within PLM/MBD.

Security is in our DNA and managing SAAB Group´s PLM environments underlines our capability to handle sensitive and complex PLM/CAD systems, ensuring not only functionality but also the utmost security.

Collaborating with us is not just about gaining technical expertise – our teams are there to provide a secure, efficient, and integrated approach that aligns with your business objectives.

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