Safety Critical Systems

Helping with your complex safety-critical systems for tomorrow

Digitalisation drives the need for more secure and effective safety-critical systems. Skills and experience is needed to mitigate the rising risk of serious consequences, whilst tackling the high pace of change and development when developing safe and robust systems. This is especially important as complexity increases alongside system integration, as in autonomous transport systems.

Our subject-matter experts have almost 30 years of experience, making us one of Sweden’s leading players for both military and civilian systems. We support you throughout the development cycle of your safety-critical systems, offering guidance and advice so your systems meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Our expertise applies across several industries with high demands on safety, in harsh environments with complex risk scenarios. With our assistance, your safety-, mission-, and business-critical systems will meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Tailored to meet your needs

  • Guidance and management through the development of complex critical systems in all phases or with particular expertise during a specific phase
  • Efficient and cohesive system development of both individual system elements and systems of systems
  • Support and guidance through necessary operational changes due to, for example, stricter or changed requirements for safety
  • A number of training courses as a complement to our services

Our subject-matter experts are there to support your organization throughout the lifecycle, and we add complementary services and solutions to tailor our offer complete safety-critical solutions meeting tomorrow's needs.

Business solutions and needs

As each project is different, and each need individual, our teams consist of both individual consultants, who serve as a valuable cog to your opertaions, to tailored teams and project-based packages.

  • Consultant at customer with possible backup
  • Team with continuous backlog
  • Team with PoC at customer
  • Team with specific minor assignments
  • Team with specific major assignments
  • Different forms of call-off solutions

Success factors

Success in your projects is our end goal, and we believe there are seven factors fundamental to succeeding. By addressing and implementing these, the odds of success when developing critical and complex systems are significantly improved. 

The seven factors are:

  • Safety culture
  • Understanding on all levels
  • Cross-domain thinking
  • Certification credit
  • End-to-end scope
  • Safe enough
  • Safe and secure

Business management

Owing to experience and knowledge, our experts are there to assist you during the adaptation of your existing business processes, or in the introduction of new processes, by formulating effective development methodology, strengthening safety culture and increasing awareness, or otherwise improving capabilities to develop sufficiently safe systems.


We offer a wide range of services to support the development of your processes and methods, whilst ensuring that your systems meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.


Building a safety culture takes time and structure, and we have the experience and know-how to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Together, we also analyse all your operations, based on industry practices, standards or regulations.

System Safety

An integral part of development of technical systems, with the purpose of creating safe products and systems, safety analyses are key to safety-critical systems.

Our experts are up-to-date on the regulations and standards associated with good system-, flight-, and software safety practice, and have extensive experience in safety analysis in the fields of defence, industry and aviation, for national and international operators.

Planning and management 

We identify applicable standards, map stakeholder requirements and regulations, and assist you with planning and management of your safety work. Together, we specify requirements and follow-up safety work related to procurement.


We perform safety analyses and assessments including causal mapping (FMECA, FTA, HAZOP, etc.) for your systems. Our experts work alongside you during CE marking of your products and systems, and together we address identification, allocation, specification of requirements and verification / validation of safety requirements so you reach an acceptable level of safety.Evaluation

Our safety analyses and assessments performed based on established standards are summarized and presented to your organization. In light of findings, we will, together with your key personell, prepare a basis for decisions on future development and enhancement of the safety of your systems.

Engineering Quality

For a safety-critical system to be operational, all systems – regardless of system level – must be of high quality and developed in accordance with plans agreed on internally, with the customer, or with the authorities.


Our extensive experience and considerable expertise in achieving sufficient quality in all phases of system development of software-intensive systems makes us an ideal partner for:

  • Independent Audits and Assessments
  • System and Software Quality
  • Quality Planning
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Subcontractors Audits

System and Software Engineering

Our experts have extensive experience in the development and maintenance of safety-critical systems - from individual components to larger complex and integrated system solutions. All in accordance with current safety standards. 


We have a long history in aviation and defence industry, but as our scope has broadened over time, we have acquired considerable experience from other industries, such as heavy machinery and road vehicles.


Our expertise covers all phases of system development:

  • Development planning
  • Concept studies
  • Requirements management
  • Architectural principles, design and modelling
  • Implementation & integration
  • Testing, analysis, simulation and validation
  • Tool development and verification

Jesper Lindell

Technology Manager

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