Certifications and Evaluations

Quality assurance for your stakeholders

Through evaluation and certification stakeholders are assured, confirming that your products and solutions meet applicable requirements. Operating independently,  our experts evaluate and review objectively and guide you through complex certification processes.

We have years of experience working with international partners, making us a reliable long-term partner for your certifications. In our accredited lab you get access to several resources, including an EMC lab, audio lab and emission security lab.

We are licenced to evaluate IT security in accordance with Common Criteria, and our teams are accredited for product certification in accordance with encryption for alarm- and other standards.

Adding value

As technology and regulations compete on evolving, our expert teams are there to support you from the genesis of an idea to the realization of a market-ready product. Our expertise in ensuring compliance with critical standards such as GDPR and ISO 27001 is more than a service; it's a commitment to elevating your product's quality and market relevance.

Our unique Nordic proficiency in product safety and cybersecurity stems from our deep-rooted experience within defense, enabling us to handle the complexities of product development across sectors. Aiming for a smarter and more resilient society, we add valuable insights into the development of products, operations, and vital societal functions.

Today, a holistic approach to product safety is required, and compliance with evolving safety standards is expected. Security is no longer just a feature but an integral aspect of any product or solution.

By integrating the latest methodologies and technologies in our evaluations and certifications, we assure not just compliance but excellence and market readiness in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our services, grounded in extensive expertise and forward-thinking strategies, are dedicated to advancing the safety, security, and success of your products.

Our IT Security Evaluation Facility

Our accredited and licensed IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF), specializes in evaluations according to Common Criteria. Operating independently, our experts conduct security inspections and evaluations from our locations in Stockholm (Alvik) and Växjö.

Our core services include:

  • Common Criteria Evaluations across levels EAL1-EAL5, as well as for Collaborative Protection Profiles (cPP)
  • Evaluations mutually recognised under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA), Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security (SOGIS), transitioning to the ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Common Criteria (EUCC)
  • Assisting in developing evaluation documents, such as Security Targets
  • Pre-evaluation services to assess the readiness of products and development environments for meeting essential information security requirements
  • Training and implementation support
  • Security evaluation of IT products, including architecture analysis, code review, penetration testing, and vulnerability analysis of security functions

A Legacy of Excellence

Having been active and licensed since 2007, we have conducted numerous evaluations for both Swedish and international suppliers, such as Kyocera Document Solutions Inc, Oracle America Inc, Symantec Product Management, Microfocus, Primekey AB, and Clavister AB. Our commitment to excellence and global compliance makes us a trusted partner in the IT security evaluation landscape.

Lars Bengtsson

Business Developer


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Magnus Ahlbin

Head of ITSEF


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